What is radon?


Radon is real. Radon is a radioactive gas.

Radon is both odorless and colorless, undetectable by our 5 senses. Radon gas comes from the ground beneath us, and builds up under foundations that "cap" the soil. It builds in high concentrations and starts to make its way into your home. This is when radon becomes a problem.


There are no "safe" levels of radon. Test your home.

The less radon the better! Reduce your exposure as much as possible. According to the EPA, if you do not smoke tobacco, radon gas is the #1 cause of lung cancer. Keep you and your family safe, get your home tested!


Get rid of radon. Mitigate.

Luckily, radon levels can be reduced through the design and installation of a mitigation system. Radon professionals are trained to do the proper detective work and testing to determine the best way to reduce radon in YOUR home. Contact us today for your free consulation and quote!