Our Services


Radon Measurement/Testing

The only way to know if there is radon in YOUR home is to test. We use leading-edge, electronic, continuous radon monitors. This provides results faster and more accurately than other measuring/testing methods. Testing itself can take as little as 48 hours, this means the testing devices is typically in your home for just 3 days!

Radon Mitigation/Reduction

Once it's been found that your home has high levels of radon, it is pertinent to get your home properly mitigated as soon as possible. We custom-design each mitigation, or radon reduction, system to the individual house. Our goal is to lower radon levels as low as possible, and in order to do this the system must be tailored to the home itself. 

Radon System Inspections

The EPA recommends retesting for radon every 2 years after installation of a radon mitigation system. A lot can happen in 2 years, ensure your system is still operating correctly and efficiently. We offer one-time checkups or you can join our affordable service plan that includes regular checkups on your radon system, for a low monthly rate.

Air Quality Systems

Have other concerns about the quality of air in your home? We install a variety of systems that either utilize filtration, UV disinfection or photo-catalytic purification or a combination of these! Whether it's odors, allergens, or germs you are concerned about, these systems are specifically designed to address these issues.