Radon Mitigation


What is radon mitigation?

Radon mitigation is any process or system that lowers the levels of radon. The most common type of mitigation is sub-slab depressurization, which involves concrete drilling, pipe routing, and some light electrical among other things. These systems can be installed going up through the home or up the side of it to vent above the roof, depending on preference. Interior systems tend to be more aesthetically appealing but exterior systems involve less materials and work, which typically makes them the less-expensive option.

We specialize in designing systems that reduce radon levels in homes. We tailor each system to the home and its characteristics to reduce radon as much as possible. There is no house to small or too big for radon mitigation, be proactive and mitigate if radon is an issue in your home.

How soon can I have a system installed?

For radon mitigation we have multiple crews which allows us to accommodate almost any project time-frame, especially since we operate 7 days a week. Our experienced crews will arrive with all tools and supplies to complete the job all in one day. 

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