Frequently Asked Questions

What will you do if post-mitigation radon levels are not below the EPA's recommended action level?

With diagnostic testing, we are able to design a system for you based on science, not guesswork. If a post-mitigation radon test reveals elevated levels, we will recommend additional sealing, suction points, and/or fan upgrades.


Who will do the electrical work, if necessary?

JobPro Management can arrange for a licensed electrician to wire your radon fan. The licensed electrician will pull the necessary permits and their work will be inspected.

Do NOT allow a radon contractor to wire a fan. 

Minnesota requires electricians to be licensed.

Is the quoted price guaranteed?

We will either gather enough info and/or evaluate the home in-person to give you the most accurate quote possible. 

We cannot prevented the unforeseen, 

but we have seen a lot!

Can you provide your certification and license information?

We would be happy to provide our certification/license information and 

references at your request. 

Do you guarantee my home's radon levels will be brought below the EPA’s recommended action level of 4 pCi/L?

 Our goal is to protect you and your family by reducing your radon levels as low as possible, typically below 1-2 pCi/L. The estimated indoor average level of radon is 1.3 pCi/L.

What type and size of pipe will be used in my radon mitigation system?

Many contractors utilize a cheaper, thin-wall pipe. We utilize Schedule 40 PVC pipe in all of our systems, to ensure longevity.